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7 Accountant Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money

Are you finding it hard to bring in new clients to your Accountancy firm in spite of spending a lot of money and time on marketing? Unfortunately, the majority of businesses end up wasting their budget on generic marketing methods that don’t produce results.

According to Xero, over 200,000 businesses in the UK switched to a new accountant in 2017 and many of those will be heading online to begin their search. Trust is important in business, and people want to interact with your firm online before they get in touch. If prospective clients are unable to find you online, you’re likely to lose out to your competition.

Here are some expensive marketing mistakes that are costing you clients.

1. Failing to have a marketing plan

Not having a marketing plan could cost your Accountancy firm. You can have the best practice, spend hundreds of pounds in advertising and still get zero results. How many customers do you need to acquire in a year, what marketing strategies do you plan to use? These are some of the questions your marketing plan should answer.

2. Failing to optimise your local page

Google takes into consideration the location of a searcher when displaying search results. This means that if a prospective client searches for an accountant, he/she will see the accountants available in the local area.

If a potential client searches for a local accountant and your Google Business listing is empty or contains negative information about you, chances are he/she will turn to other listed accountants.

Moreover, Google looks at the consistency of your online information when ranking your site.  If you haven’t claimed your local listing, it’s time you did as this could help clients find you.

3. Trying to be on every social media platform

Everyone seems to be on every social network out there, why should you be left behind? A lot of people believe that you need to be a part of every social media network for you to acquire new customers. Unfortunately, this could end up being a time sink that doesn’t pay off.

You need to choose a social media platform that works for your business. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms, however LinkedIn may be a better place to engage with your target audience and list your services.

4. Your Website is not properly optimised

User experience (UX) is the overall sense a person has when using your product or service. In a digital sense, this is how easy or pleasing the interaction with your web or mobile site is. Get this wrong and you will struggle to deliver any results from your marketing efforts. This is because users won’t stick around long enough to discover how great your business is.

5. Spending money on the wrong marketing channels

One of the reasons your Accountancy firm's marketing strategy is not working is because you’re spending money on the wrong ads. Yes, ads placed on billboards, fliers and the local paper may work to some degree. However, these traditional marketing methods are losing ground to digital marketing.  

With traditional marketing methods, you have no idea how many people view your ad and how many converted to customers. Digital marketing allows you to track and target the number of people landing on your ad and responding through scheduling a consultation.

6. Failing to track results

Are people visiting your site but not calling for consultation? The only way to know what’s working and what’s not is to track results of your campaigns. A simple way to track the performance of your efforts is by using Google Analytics. With these results, you can make the necessary changes to make your website effective and improve on user experience.

7. Ignoring content marketing

Failing to have useful and engaging content on your website could end up being a costly mistake. Content marketing is one of the best ways for prospects to understand your services and how they would make their lives easier.


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