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Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate digital platforms. From generating new business, to showcasing your company’s services, it provides the means for you to leverage visuals to improve the effectivity of your brand messaging. 

I believe that video has fast become one of the best mediums in which to engage with a community and convey the identity of a brand. If “A picture is worth 1000 words" then it could be said that 30 seconds of video is worth 750,000 words. A great video is naturally engaging and, in an age of information overload, I think it is essential for a brand to offer content that is easy to digest.

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How much does video cost?

Typically video production costs can range anywhere from £250 for a basic video, to £10,000 for a premium video or series. 


I know that's a pretty significant price gap. But, it all depends on the Video length and level of production. The longer the video, the more work will be required in post-editing; the more work required post-editing, the higher the cost. The same can be said about the level of the production; the longer the shoot or the higher the production values (shooting in 4k, the need for drone photography or extra videographers/assistants), the higher the cost. 


That said, I pride myself on ensuring video marketing is accessible to all business by making sure all productions are as cost effective as possible. This is by where possible; 


  • Using small crews (usually just me and maybe an assistant)

  • Using my own equipment (no need to hire in)

  • Turning videos around quickly (as a rule of thumb, filming to editing is a 1:2 ratio. So if it's a half-day shoot, then it will take a day to edit)

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