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Find out how to use your smartphone to create video content for your business to boost brand awareness and increase engagement with your customers and target clients. Office

Do you look at videos on Linkedin and think “I could never do that”?  Think again… 

More or less everyone has access to a high-end video camera these days, and it's more than likely the device you are viewing this content on right now! 

Shooting video on your phone is simple and in this workshop, you’ll find out how to create content to use on your website and social media platforms.

We’ll give you;

  • The confidence to pick up your phone and hit record

  • The tools and apps you need to create a professional-looking video

  • The knowledge of how to make engaging content 

This half-day interactive workshop will cover:


  • Video content types and how they should be used

  • How to use your smartphone to record video

  • Apps and tools to create an edited video with voice-over, music and special effects

  • The inexpensive tools you can buy to enhance your video (ie tripods, microphones, lighting)

  • Practical experience of recording and creating your own videos to use on social media


Numbers are limited so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!

Date: 24th October
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cost: £40 – £50


Perfect People Group HQ
Cooper Bridge Warehouse, Leeds Road
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD5 0RL United Kingdom 

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