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[Vlog] Good Team Building With Participate Projects

On Friday I headed over to Co-op Academy Delius in Bradford with members of the Leeds and Bradford South Network B2B groups to spend the day helping them build their new sensory garden.

The day was organised by Luke from Participate Projects who run "Good Team Building" days for companies in the local area.

Video Transcript

Good morning and welcome to today's video.

Welcome to Delius school here in Bradford today I'm gonna be doing something a little bit different I'm actually going to taking part in a good team building activity with a number of people that I usually go networking with.

So yeah we're getting our hands dirty and we're gonna be building some raised flowerbeds for the special school. This is run in conjunction with participate and they run these good they're team-building activities where local businesses come along and allow them to do a bit team-building but also give back to the local community.

So well yeah, let's say I get cracking!

What we're cutting is these three-meter lengths and we're going to be cutting in three different sizes 1.5m, 1m and point seven five. So they are multiples of three in some way or another.

I'll give you the exact amounts when you're in your individual teams so I'll have three of you doing that and then these ones here these are getting cut into point six which is sixty

centimetres so each of these 60-centimetre pieces so when we build the beds with the sides these have gone the inside and we will drill into these and these will give it its structural support.

okay I'll let you choose which ones if you want to stack yourselves up some timber and then you can make yourself some little workstations

The first two hours been spent and cutting down in the wood that we carried round into the right lengths and now we're going to start building the raised beds before moving them into place and filling them to them with soil

It's just coming up to half four and we've been grafting away all day and we've managed to actually get these four raised beds up and I believe me about two hours ago I don't think that was really possible.

So we're just getting in the last few barrows of topsoil and yeah and that's us done.

I've got to say thank you to Luke from Participate for inviting me down.

I've got a few videos coming up soon, an update video and yeah working on a few more things and which hopefully can tell you about soon so check back and there we have it

see you later.


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