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How To Get Started With Video - #WisdomWednesday

Good morning my name's Ryan Forde and welcome to Wisdom Wednesday a weekly

video series giving you the confidence to pick up a camera and hit record. Today I'm gonna be giving you a few tips on how to get started and make your first video.

Tip number one

Be resourceful when it comes to camera kits, you do not need the latest DSLR or video camera to make videos. Some of the most viral pieces on the web have been from a shaky phone camera simply documenting a funny or authentic interaction that is

happening in front of them. Video is about connection and not perfection and

if you've watched any of my other videos you'll know that is truly their case. So

yeah pick up a camera, be it a smartphone. a DSLR, video camera and simply hit record and make that content.

Tip number two

Plan what you're going to film wherever possible make a plan before you pick up the camera. Personally I like to write down a couple of notes on a bit of paper or in my notebook other people like to do storyboards. Whichever way it's best for

you, make sure you plan before you get to your shoot therefore you'll kind of reduce any problems that may come up.

Tip number three

Think about where your videos going to be viewed with the rise of social media, I think it's extremely important to think about where and how your video is going to be viewed. This will help you to decide which way you should hold your camera and how you should frame the subject in most cases you'll want to hold your camera horizontally. Therefore, the viewing experience on TVs desktops laptops and even most mobile phones will be much improved as people will be able to watch the video in full screen. However, there are situations where you might want to shoot vertically such as if you're

putting stuff on to Instagram stories also think about framing your subject in

the centre of the screen if you're using an editing app which restricts you to

kind of a square frame.

Tip number four

Use third-party apps. shooting and sharing video on your mobile phone has never been so easy with a wide selection of mobile apps helping you to shoot edit and distribute your footage some of those apps are simply squeezed down versions of powerful

desktop video editing software while others are new inventive tools for the

generation of Instagram social sharers

Hopefully, those tips will give you the confidence to pick up a camera and make your first

video. That's it for this week's Wisdom Wednesday, I'll see you in the next video.

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