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5 Ways Businesses Should Be Using Video

In a previous post we dove it whyVideo has fast become a dominating tool used within Content Marketing” and in this post we are share some ideas of how.

We believe we will be safe in saying that most Marketers agree that Video drives one of the highest returns on investments. In its’ very nature Video Content is engaging, however before you get your first viewer there are many potential hurdles to overcome.

What should you consider?

The Audience – Is the video useful for them? Is there a product or service that you offer that is hard to sum it in words? Why not give your audience a video example.

Authenticity – Unless you are making an advert, don’t make your video a Sales Pitch. Instead make it an opportunity for your audience to get an insider view of your team. This personal approach is a great way to build trust.

Know where your limits lie – Would you hire your best friend to get you out of going to jail? In most cases, Probably not. So why would you trust someone with little experience with your brand. To make video content, you need to get the right team on board to make your visions a reality. Producing poor quality content may do more harm than good for your brand.

How should you use video?


Reason for creating – Provide an overview of the problems you solve for customers

Funnel Stage – Awareness

Length – 2 mins max.

Distribution – Website


Reason for creating – Video-based blog content

Funnel Stage – Awareness

Length – 3 mins max.

Distribution – Website


Reason for creating – Educate buyers via live and on-demand webinars

Funnel Stage – Awareness / Consideration

Length – 30 mins

Distribution – Website and Email

Product Demos

Reason for creating – Show buyers product features and functionality

Funnel Stage – Consideration

Length – 3 mins max.

Distribution – Website

Customer Stories

Reason for creating – Highlight real clients and the results you’ve helped them generate

Funnel Stage – Consideration / Decision

Length – 3 mins max.

Distribution – Website, Email, Social Media

Making video content doesn’t have to be taxing. All you need is a clear plan of action, some creative flare and a will to perceiver. According to every Marketer out there, the stats and figures are in your favour so go and make it happen.

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